Adult Education

Education Opportunities

Sunday Class Offerings
(Held during the Sunday School Hour 9:30 – 10:30 am):

Adult Education classes offered March 1 thru April 5:
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The Book of Job
Krista Kafer / Room 300-301
One of the Bible’s greatest wisdom books is the book of Job. This Lent we will explore this magnificent composition that is numbered among the greatest literature of all time. Our Lenten Sunday sermon series will help us dig deeply into Job’s central message and supporting truths, while the Sunday Adult Bible Class will further address the book’s major topics and themes.

Things We Think About God… but aren’t true
Pastor Nate Peregoy / Fellowship Hall
We’ve all heard the trite clichés—God never gives us more than we can handle; When God closes a door He opens a window; God helps those who help themselves; I’m but a stranger here, heaven is my home; God just wants me to be happy—and maybe we half believe them…because at least part of us wants them to be true. Good news: the Bible may not actually say any of these things, but it does say something about all of the clichés. Come join Pastor Nate to read what Scripture really says.

New Testament Survey
Cassie Schermbeck / Community Room
This short overview of New Testament books will introduce key people, events and stories in our family history as well as the letters that the first disciples wrote that circulated among New Testament churches and became our canon. We will highlight the basic message of the Gospels, the history of the birth of the church in Acts, and the various New Testament letters and those books’ contribution to God’s redemptive storyline and what this means for our life of faith.

Tom Hacker / Conference Room
Join us as we continue to explore the book of Hebrews, a demonstration of Christ’s supremacy over all creation. The Son is superior over creation since all creation was made through Him and is sustained by Him. Sufficiency is found alone in Him because He has provided purification for mankind’s sins. This well researched, deep Scriptural study class concludes April 5—all are welcome to join and jump in at any point in the study.

Mid-Week Bible Studies:

Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study –
Join other men in Room 302 on Saturday mornings at 7:00 am.

Saturday Morning Bible Study for All – Led by Tom Hacker, Room 300
Join us on Saturdays at 8:30 am.

Women’s Bible Study – Tuesdays, 9:30 am in the Fellowship Hall
Tuesday morning women’s Bible studies this fall begin Tuesday, September 10 from 9:30 – 11:00am. This year we will be offering two different studies, one led by Karin Meissner and one led by Michele Schulteis.  We will have our first gathering in the Fellowship Hall where we will enjoy some coffee, fellowship, devotion, and a time to get to learn about the studies that will be offered. Childcare is available. All women are welcome.  Class options will include a book of the Bible and Love Languages for Kids. If you have any questions please contact Michele at